The Constitution


The choir shall be called the The Hallam Choral Society.

Registered Charity

The Hallam Choral Society is a registered charity; number 1141291


  • To enjoy making music
  • To adhere as closely as possible to the Mission Statement (see below).


  • Membership will be subject to regular attendance at rehearsal.
  • Choir numbers will be determined by the committee and Musical Director's discretion.

Termination of Membership

The committee shall retain the right to terminate the membership of any member, for good reason.


  • Subscriptions shall be collected from members at regular intervals decided by the Treasurer.
  • Members shall be given one term's notice of any changes.


  • Shall be held once a year at which time new Directors may be elected.
  • Nominations for these posts should be submitted two weeks prior to the AGM.


  • The Committee shall be made up of members elected from the choir.
  • The Committee member shall on election undertake on the role for a term of 3 years after which the role will become eligible for re-election.
  • The Committee shall undertake to make decisions on behalf of the choir in the choice of music and general administrative matters.
  • The Committee shall meet at least four times per year.


  • The trustees/directors shall meet at least once per year (and/or when necessary).
  • The trustees/directors shall have overall responsibility for ensuring Hallam Choral Society meet its aims and objectives as a registered charity.
  • The trustees/directors shall ensure that the choir maintains a viable financial position to achieve its aims and objectives.
  • The trustees/directors shall step down on a 3 year rotation and may be nominated for re-election.